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Sharing data without any cost

Thanks to our gorgeous supporters, we are able to run Kiosk without charging fees.

Enjoy our efficient data transmission technique

Kiosk introduces a little eccentric parallel data transmission technique.
It would inhale a bunch of your computing resources to transfer your data in the blink of an eye.

No privacy information required

To be quite honest with you, Kiosk cannot hide you are using Kiosk.
What Kiosk can do is make no one know what you are doing with Kiosk, even itself

Welcome to Kiosk!

Kiosk is a short-term file hosting service and website of the same name, run by Freezm, the web-specific development team.
Kiosk currently serves as a demo but provides several features with more to come and guarantees quality transmission superior to Kioskloud.

If you have been moved from Kioskloud to this web page, and you are wondering why, please check out the post at the external link here.

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